TTC MARCONI Strengthens Business Activities in Latin America

Ondřej Havlík, CEO of TTC MARCONI, participated in the business mission to Chile and Uruguay, which was organized in March by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic. Representatives of thirty Czech companies and institutions accompanied Jozef Síkela, the Minister of Industry and Trade, on his official trip to these South American countries. The aim of the mission was to deepen trade relations between the Czech Republic and these countries and to locate potential new business partners.

Why Chile and Uruguay?

  • The growing interest of Czech companies in Latin America: For Czech companies, the Latin American market represents an attractive area for expansion and the search for new business opportunities.
  • Strategic importance of Chile: Chile is the third most important export market of the Czech Republic in Latin America and a key partner for Czech trade.
  • Open economies: Chile and Uruguay are characterized for their open economies with a favourable environment for business activities.
  • Great potential in the areas in which TTC MARCONI specializes: Both countries offer great potential in the field of information technology and digitalization, in the energy sector and sustainable technologies.

Participation in this business mission provided TTC MARCONI with a unique opportunity to establish new business contacts, deepen existing relationships and showcase its expertise in key sectors. International cooperation and export activities are also essential for the development of our TTC Group companies in a global context.