TTC MARCONI has been operating in the European telecommunications markets since 1993 as a system integrator and a major supplier of next-generation communications networks, especially for energy, telecommunications, transport, public administration, defense and security. TTC MARCONI has its main representation through branches in Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia.

Customized, broadband multiservice solutions, tailored to the needs of different industries, are provided to our customers, including large and medium-sized enterprises, state and local governments and telecommunications operators. Our activities include a comprehensive range of commercial and technical services related to sales, installation, operation and security. We employ the extensive experience that TTC MARCONI has gained in the market for over a quarter of a century.


  • TTC MARCONI s.r.o.

    Management of the company

    TTC MARCONI operates on the Czech market and abroad in synergy with TTC TELEKOMUNIKACE. Both companies have Czech owners, which are legal or natural persons.

  • Ing. Josef Šelepa, CSc.

    Ing. Josef Šelepa, CSc.

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ing. Jan Kuchař

    Ing. Jan Kuchař

    Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer TTC Telekomunikace

  • Ing. Ivan Buriánek

    Ing. Ivan Buriánek

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Ing. Martin Čížek

    Ing. Martin Čížek

    Business Director of Foreign Affairs

  • Ing. František Mikeš

    Ing. František Mikeš

    Director for Strategic Development

  • Ing. Martin Bajer

    Ing. Martin Bajer

    Product Development Director

  • Ing. Michal Holan

    Ing. Michal Holan

    Technical Department Director

  • Ing. Pavel Mašát

    Ing. Pavel Mašát

    Director for Implementation

  • Ing. František Brtna

    Ing. František Brtna

    Development Director

  • Ing. Petr Kuřina

    Ing. Petr Kuřina

    Production Director

  • Mgr. Kamila Bartovská