• Security Is Not Only a Battle of Systems, Humans Can Be The Weakest Part

    Companies often have excellent data security. But sometimes they forget that someone can still steal their employees’ laptop or phone. The end result is the same: the data is gone. „The company must have rules on treating these devices, instructing its employees and checking to ensure that they comply with the regulations,“ says Martin Bajer, […]

  • Artificial Intelligence Enters the Railway and Recognizes Risky Situations in the Stations. Tests Directed by TTC MARCONI Begin in Adamov

    Hot technological innovation has arrived to the Czech railway. The Adamov station, which has recently undergone a major modernization, has used artificial intelligence in a pilot project to monitor its first station in the Czech Republic. “Video analysis”, a technological extension to the camera surveillance system of the Railway Administration (Správa železnic), evaluates potentially risky […]

  • TTC MARCONI Supports Project Invest in Bravery

    Ondřej Havlík and Martin Čížek from TTC MARCONI participated in September in the „Invest in Bravery“ event in Kyiv, Ukraine. The aim of this event is to support Ukraine´s wartime economy, the country´s incredibly resilient people, its integration into the EU, and its incredible brand, Bravery, showcasing it as the developing market with one of […]

  • TTC MARCONI: In Converged Security, We Look at Security as a Whole

    Although cyber security is today´s primary concern, that does not mean that physical and operational threats have completely disappeared. Exactly the opposite. „With all attention recently focusing on cyber security, it is often a lot easier to climb over a fence somewhere and physically steal something than it is to get through a firewall. You […]

  • New High-Speed Connection for MERO ČR

    The MERO CR company has selected TTC MARCONI as its high-speed connection supplier for its subsidiary MERO Germany based in Vohburg an der Donau near Ingolstadt in Bavaria. The solution to be delivered will be based on the DWDM technology of the US company Ribbon and the order will be implemented by the end of […]

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