Dispatcher Solutions for the Municipal Police in Zlín

On September 1st, the Municipal Police in Zlín launched our KONOS dispatching system, enabling them to integrate radio and telephone networks into one communication solution. The system is located at all three dispatching workplaces and provides the police with an effective resource for the management and coordination of their work. KONOS also operates the 156 emergency hot line in each workplace, further increasing the availability and minimising the response time to each emergency call.

Milan Kladníček, the director of the Municipal Police in Zlín, summarizes the benefits of the implemented solutions: “As a result, beginning 1 September 2023, each of the operational officers will now have a single touchscreen device instead of several existing devices, thus bringing together the enhanced 156 emergency hot line, radio communications, landline and mobile phone calls, and allowing them to easily handle calls with the possibility of recording them. In particular, the queuing system has also been updated, whereby the serving officer can easily switch from one call to another, put callers on hold and handle multiple calls simultaneously, thus enabling continuous communication between patrolling officers and emergency notifiers. All of this will effectively accelerate the reaction and deployment of the officers to individual incidents. Most importantly, we are now able to redirect all of the calls to the 156 emergency hotline.”

The whole news (in Czech) on the modernization of the radio and telephone communication system is available on the website of the Municipal Police in Zlín HERE.