The KONOS Dispatching System Assists Romanian Energy Sector

In the first quarter of this year, TTC MARCONI successfully completed the implementation of the KONOS dispatching system at Distribute Energie Oltenia (DEO), a major Romanian electricity distributor. As a part of this project, we replaced outdated telecommunication technologies at all DEO energy dispatches. The solution is designed to be geo-redundant, i.e. with two separate data centres running the central elements. Our technology specifically covers the main dispatches and backup centres in Craiova and Pitesti, a total of 34 sites.

What are the main benefits of the KONOS dispatching system for customers?

  • The unification of various types of communication (telephony, radio, legacy technologies) in one device.
  • The transition from static telephony (specific devices operating specific phone lines) to dynamic telephony (any line can be operated from any terminal or simultaneously from multiple terminals), which results in extremely simplified handling of all emergencies (outages or disasters).
  • The simplification of the work of the dispatcher in those situations where every second counts – by removing the complexity of handling calls, and with access to all essential contacts and information available at the GUI dispatcher terminal.
  • The integration with third-party applications (SCADA, document systems, mapping documents, etc.) and customized development according to customer needs. The aim is to enable the exchange of information among individual systems and to present fundamental information within the GUI dispatching terminal, or to provide communication functions using other applications (e.g. calling a specific train from a cartographic database or calling a certain power substation from the SCADA system).

More about our KONOS dispatching system can be found here: