TTC MARCONI is taking over UniControls company

Prague, December 2, 2020 – TTC MARCONI has acquired the UniControls commercial establishment, thus becoming the sole owner of UniControls’ trademark and the other assets and liabilities. The transaction included transfer of employees, intellectual property, assets and any valid contractual relations to a newly established subsidiary of TTC MARCONI.

“We’ve had a long-term business relationship with UniControls, manufacturing some of the key devices for their control systems. The opportunity to buy out UniControls commercial establishment and trademark in the bankruptcy proceedings has therefore been very interesting for us. It will allow us to further strengthen our position, especially as a supplier of the communication, information and control technologies to the railway industry. We want to take advantage of the synergies of the UniControls production program and TTC MARCONI products while building on the brand history in order to enter new markets at home and abroad,” says Josef Šelepa, TTC MARCONI’s Managing Director.

The UniControls company was established in 1991 and has long been among internationally renowned suppliers of the control systems and electronic equipment for railways and industry. Among company’s most important contracts were supplies of the control system for the Prague Metro trains or the power consumption meters for railway locomotives. UniControls have made a significant contribution to the process of the Czech Railways’ train modernization. UniControls products are also well-known in many countries worldwide (apart from Europe also China, Japan or Ghana).

In 2018, the company lost a few important contracts, and financial problems followed. In spring 2019, the company was declared bankrupt.