Multiservice platform PCM30U-OCH

It is used primarily in HV power networks, where it is necessary to provide highly reliable transmission of individual messages and commands within the transmission system to all necessary nodes. In addition to relaying protection commands, it is advisable to combine other communications into one device. The modular multiservice platform PCM30U-OCH allows you to flexibly assemble different interfaces and transfer protocols into one universal device.

What you get from using the PCM30U-OCH multiservice platform

  • Reduction of losses caused by failures on the VVN line
  • Reliable communication system for the transfer of commands, binary statuses and other services
  • Transfer of commands in a critically short time
  • Backed up transmission across different types of transmission environments
  • Support for IP, TDM and analog interface


  • multiservice platform for real-time communication
  • optimized solution with integrated protection applications
  • combined approach and transport multiplexer
  • full support for legacy data, voice and user interfaces
  • modular platform ready for future expansion
  • user-friendly network management system



  • Installation PCM30U-OCH at Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant

  • Phase aligning of insular operation of Ledvice Power Station

  • Replacement of metallic cables for the command transmission between distance protection of NS feeder stations


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