Microwave connections

In the second half of the 20th century, analogue radio relay links were used, along with carrier telephony systems for the wireless transmission of tens to thousands of telephone calls or for the transmission of radio or television signals. Currently, digital microwave systems that are used for telecommunications and / or data communications are predominant.

In our RRL solutions, Ericsson’s MiniLink systems are preferred. However, nothing prevents us from presenting a solution on the basis of alternative devices from Motorola and possibly other manufacturers.


  • Benefits of using microwave links
  • Wireless communication
  • Easy and fast construction
  • Possibility of transferring technology to another location
  • Cost savings for communication link
  • Suitable for building the last miles


    • Signal transmission at distances up to tens of kilometers
    • Use of the radio band
    • Paid and non-paid bands
    • Simultaneous transmission of Ethernet and TDM
    • Replacement of missing cable infrastructure


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